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  1. Airdrop that costs pop tabs for faster vehicles?
  2. BT b.asH

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    800k+ respect what a beast
  3. Some type of time change would be nice vs plain sun all day, even if the sun is always out.
  4. This has been in the game since Arma 2 DayZ/Epoch. Haven't seen anyone using GMG in 200+ hours I've played on SG.
  5. I need a new map in my life, just not atlis please. Fallujah could be dope.
  6. You can get a "Deathmatch" feel at any mission that's near a spawn location, not just the Northern ones.. The only way to fix what you're complaining about is to add cooldown timers to every spawn point.
  7. Yeah people don't seem to understand this.. SG is one of the easiest Exile servers to raid on and I've played on all of the big exile servers. There's literally no need to increase raiding incentive on this server. One of the reasons for Abramia's population decline is because of one big group who raids literally all day. When you already constantly see people raiding bases, is there really a need to increase the incentive? I don't think so.
  8. ACE3 can do that but I don't know if that mod is really meant for Exile, or at least the only server I've seen it running on wasn't a great experience.
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