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  1. In-Game Name: Rabs Hours on ArmA: I have played mostly Altis life, exile and KOTH. In-Game Strengths: I am a good driver. I am also good in close quarters combat witch helps me in taking over buildings or defending them. One of my strengths is medium range combat I know how to use all 9 stances to my advantage, I also have good aim at medium range. I also have good comms I know when to keep them clear and what is worth mentioning in a combat situation. In-Game Weaknesses: With my strengths also comes weaknesses one of them is flying a heli, I can fly just fine but the landing part takes time from me. That is something I need to train. I can also be quite impatient. I'm fairly new on SG exile but I have played exile on other servers. I have good understanding of working in a team since I have played quite a bit of altis life in big gangs.