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  1. My friend got it working now. Thank you.
  2. This is the message my friend keeps getting when he attempts to connect on to the server. He already tried verifying the mod on A3 Launcher.
  3. In-Game Name: Rabs Hours on ArmA: I have played mostly Altis life, exile and KOTH. In-Game Strengths: I am a good driver. I am also good in close quarters combat witch helps me in taking over buildings or defending them. One of my strengths is medium range combat I know how to use all 9 stances to my advantage, I also have good aim at medium range. I also have good comms I know when to keep them clear and what is worth mentioning in a combat situation. In-Game Weaknesses: With my strengths also comes weaknesses one of them is flying a heli, I can fly just fine but the landing part takes time from me. That is something I need to train. I can also be quite impatient. I'm fairly new on SG exile but I have played exile on other servers. I have good understanding of working in a team since I have played quite a bit of altis life in big gangs.