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  1. i can not tune it at my base so i will try the trader next time
  2. HOLD up!!! did not see the option at when i was at my base. i am a premium member, will check next time again! thanks!!!
  3. thanks for the reply, yeah, th emoney you can win by gambling or as a dauly reward. the perk thing makes sense, since i have an maxed out bank account, with more than 500k i re-allow all notifications! and hopefully i can paint my submarine yellow in the near future 😉 greetz
  4. ahh great, they mined the entrance again
  5. hi all, i like to post a few things that i ahve noticed last few times - when you win money ,and your bank has more than 500K, it does not add it to your locker - i got raided, but my exile bot did not send a message, even tho i have all notificatiopns activated - you can not paint your sub yellow (this i really like to see chanced :)) greetings and happy hunting!!
  6. So is this the place where i can get fluffy unicorns?!
  7. Is there are really a Karoke-Bar on Skilisty Island?!
  8. that would be sweet! thanks
  9. i was wondering if i was the only one who was thinking that all the loading-in data, interfering with the chat could be possibly a bit less. my page up button is having a bad time ?
  10. we live so close together, yet thankfully i dont see myself in the vid ?
  11. Is there a thread that i missed about the different loadouts corresponding to the different tier levels? greetz and happy hunting