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  1. I know, I may step on some peoples toes.. But to be honest, is it really necessary that we have an Anti Material Rifle which also fires explosive ammunition from a Heli? Sure, it's expensive, but after you finished your base and are fully upgraded 'Poptabs' become somewhat useless and you can buy loads of the explo magazines. Sure, you can counter it with EOD, becoming a two-shot not a one-shot, offering you a window of 2 - 3 seconds to run. (Which I do most of the time, but gets me killed anyway.. Just a little later). But the real issue we experienced since we joined, is that it's nearly impossible to counter while doing missions. Of course, we could buy a attack chopper and try to find the white/blue heli hovering at 2.5km up in the sky somewhere. But this shouldn't be the task of someone all the time if they want to play Exile. For example, this is nearly impossible for a solo or a small group. It's extremely time consuming to fight the explo sniping bird 2.5km in the air and its also expensive. The main issue is the time it takes to find, engage and scare that heli away. I don't mind this gun and ammunition type in a ground to ground scenario, but for a sniperheli our group believes that it's way to OP and should be either restricted through rules or scriptwise to disable that gun on a heli.
  2. - move the radiation zone to the top right of the map. - use the original radiation zone for the CDF worker camp. Since the CDF Camp only utilizes a small space on the isle, it could be ported over. Maybe get rid of some trees via hideobject. Just my 2 cents. :3 Edit: That map is epic and would be awesome.
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