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  1. @Borja Sanchez - While I can not speak for the Owners/Admins of this server, I can share a common knowledge. Typically, when one loses items due to ARMA, there is no refund. Also, what happened to you, by my thinking, was not even a bug. It was on a hill and it slid down the hill...AS IT SHOULD DO. Tip: If your items are on a hill, GET BELOW THEM, then try to retrieve them. Your body may stop them OR you may be able to 'chase after it'. From 20 years of ARMA playing and 14k+ hours in ARMA 3 alone, this is not a bug and is how ARMA is to work.
  2. Some pretty good kills. Liked the one where you jumped out of the heli and started firing on the vehicle behind you. Reminded me of the good ole days with BF3/BF4 stuff!
  3. @Arcas - I never said it was here. There are several 'systems' that use a VG. The two 'biggest' are ExAD's and the modified one the Exile devs put into Exile. ExAD's has a time limit (at one time), Exile's does not. This does NOT mean that a custom script is not running ON THE SERVER to 'purge' data (cars) after 'x days'. And if they did, you would NOT know this value. They COULD have it set to 3000 days. Without you having full access to the server AND knowing ARMA scripting, your answer AT BEST is a GUESS. Also, no where in the rules does it mention anything ab
  4. @Rubenzio - Park your cars in your 'special' space. THEN use the virtual garage to store them. Then when you need them, use the VG to restore them! The VG 'remembers' where vehicles are saved, so they will be recalled to that same 'saved spot'. Notes: Parking on ANY material besides 'dirt' can cause your vehicles to go bye-bye. Putting a vehicle ANYWHERE BUT IN THE VG, and is NOT facing north, there is a very good chance that it will explode on restore/server restart - I have seen this HUNDREDS of times with server restarts. When ARMA spawn
  5. Something I would like to add. I know how people ASSUME things. Did these three things ever occur to anyone: #1 - That English may not be their native language thus they cannot read the rules in part or completely? A simple solution is to put a link to Google Translate for the rules on the front page. You speak German? BAM! Here is a link that you can click that will take you AUTOMATICALLY to a translated version of the rules. How ARROGANT for someone to DEMAND that everyone else be 'experts in their language'. #2 - That these 'double safe zone' rules
  6. hahahahahaaha too funny... Sadly, there will always be whiners and cry babies no matter what....
  7. Hello @RobertWoW, I know this is a pain. Here is a solution that I 'created' years ago that works the majority of the time. First, let me explain what is going on: When you join any ARMA server that uses the 'Signature Check', which almost all do, your machine will compare your mods against the server's via the 'key' file. If your HDD is fragmented, slow internet connection/issues, low RAM, or a slow PC, the check will 'time out'. Example: When it your PC checks the 'CUP' mod, ARMA is saying you have 5 seconds to do this. If your PC does in that time or
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