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  1. I'd say learning Arma on survival mods really steepens the learning curve... if you go to KOTH or Wasteland, you will find that those mods are much more forgiving, and then switch back to a survival mod once you feel you've really got it down.
  2. I used to love the M107, because I fired it slowly and methodically, the way I would have expected to have to. I love the sound of it. But that was before I got suspicious, and went and tested it in VR. I now realize that any retard could just spam the fuck out of it from 2200 meters away, and still get nearly perfect accuracy. You can land about 5 out of 10 shots from 2200 meters, while firing it as fast as possible. There is almost zero effective recoil on this gun. The scope shows a brief moment of massive recoil, but when you have the bipod deployed, it comes back to the exact same position before the next round can be fired anyways. The variation is very slight, and appears to be related to the breathing effect. I say figure out a way to fix this, or remove the gun completely. The stingers take more skill.
  3. Actually, I think he was just asking that Exile players look into their hearts, and have some mercy on new players... unfortunately he doesn't realize, we're heartless and we don't give a shit.
  4. Also remove traders to prevent trader camping
  5. When I'm not in game, this is what I'm doing.

    I fucking love whitewater kayaking. 

    Yes, all those photos are of me. I currently own 4 different boats.






  6. Looking for other players to join me. I'm solo, but I'm the world's greatest Exile player. I'm also the coolest nerd up in this bitch. I'm also really super humble. Requirements: Be as good as me. Be as cool as me. Be me. -Chewie
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