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Tips and Useful Information

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Tips and Useful Information for our server!


General Information

  • You can revive a player using defibrillators.
  • Disconnect 5 minutes before server restart to not risk gear loss.
  • Vehicles left inside a Safezone will be unlocked on restart and can be stolen.
  • If your base has decayed we offer a refund for a small donation within 7 days of being deleted.
  • Compensation will be only given if you have video evidence! No exceptions!
  • Legitimately stolen vehicles are owned by the person that drove it into the Safe Zone. You cannot take it back if you got it taken from you!


Cleanup Routines

  • Unlock/Reset all vehicles that were not moved/used for 2 days. (Virtual Garage vehicles are not affected)
  • Remove all vehicles that were not moved/used for 3 days. (Virtual Garage vehicles are not affected)
  • Empty containers outside of territories will be deleted within 6 hours.
  • Safes that have not been touched for 3 days and are outside of any territory, will be deleted.
  • Base parts that are over the height limit will be automatically deleted each restart.
  • Work benches outside of territories will be deleted each restart.
  • Constructions that are not inside of a territory, will be deleted each restart. (If you have a flyaway object then save some form of proof)
  • Dead bodies within 500m of a spawn zone will be deleted within 5 minutes.

Raiding And Hacking

  • You have to craft breaching charges to break down a wall.
  • Remember that all Extended Base Mod buildings are breachable.
  • You can grind locks on doors using a Grinder and Batteries. Find these at Gear Crates, helicopter crashes and in the Radiation Zone.
  • You are able to hack Safes and Virtual Garages. This requires a Laptop.
  • Starting a hack will mark the position on the map and will inform all players.
  • Performing a successful hack on the Virtual Garage, will reward the player with a random vehicle that's stored.

Virtual Garage

  • A level 1 territory will have 4 garage slots, with each territory upgrade you will get 4extra slots.
  • Storing a vehicle in the Virtual Garage will delete the vehicle inventory!
  • When storing a vehicle into the Virtual Garage it will save its exact location, position and condition.
  • After retrieving a vehicle from the Virtual Garage, you can see the vehicle’s pincode by pressing 'H'.
  • You can grant territory rights to your friends to allow Virtual Garage access.

Territory Levels

  • Level 1, 25 Building items, 15 meters Radius, 4 Virtual Garage slots, 10000 Poptabs to buy.
  • Level 2, 50 Building items, 25 meters Radius, 8 Virtual Garage slots, 15000 Poptabs to upgrade.
  • Level 3, 75 Building items, 35 meters Radius, 12 Virtual Garage slots, 40000 Poptabs to upgrade.
  • Level 4, 90 Building items, 45 meters Radius, 16 Virtual Garage slots, 60000 Poptabs to upgrade.
  • Level 5, 110 Building items, 55 meters Radius, 20 Virtual Garage slots, 100000 Poptabs to upgrade.
  • Level 6, 130 Building items, 65 meters Radius, 24 Virtual Garage slots, 150000 Poptabs to upgrade.
  • Level 7, 150 Building items, 75 meters Radius, 28 Virtual Garage slots, 175000 Poptabs to upgrade.
  • Level 8, 170 Building items, 85 meters Radius, 32 Virtual Garage slots, 200000 Poptabs to upgrade.
  • Level 9, 185 Building items, 95 meters Radius, 36 Virtual Garage slots, 225000 Poptabs to upgrade.
  • Level 10, 200 Building items, 100 meters Radius, 40 Virtual Garage slots, 250000 Poptabs to upgrade.
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