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  1. I think exactly the opposite will happen... If players would have a way to spend their respect they would not be so afraid of loosing it all the time.
  2. It is not about the Kits itself, more about an option to have a "respectsink" and still get any advantage out of it and if it only is a new camo etc...
  3. So I thought that it may be a pretty nice "endgame" content to creat something like a prestige system with spawnkits. For example that you can buy a spawnkit via XM8 like now but you pay not only the perk points but also respect itself. Every time you buy such a kit you lose that amount of respect ( lets say 200-500k for example) and can always spawn with this kit, no matter how much respect you already have. For sure these kits have to be balanced and be slightly worse or just different than the toptier kits you can take with XY current amount of respect. Maybe unique skins or such things. When such a kit is bought you gain a prestige rank which could also be shown in kill message, so people know if they have killed a prestige player. Furthermore if you kill a player with prestige level you get a fix amount of respect for that prestigelevel plus the normal award so it is rewarding to kill such players and not only get 200 respect if they have just resetted. That is just what i thought about and nothing polished but in my opinion it may add a pretty nice way to spend respect. Long time players have huge amounts of respect they cannot spend, only lose when they die and it is not that hard to stay over 200k respect so you can always spawn with the top tier kits.
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