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    Weekly Event #21

    SPARTANS BATTLEGROUNDS! SPARTANS BATTLEGROUNDS is a last man standing game mode. Players must fight to locate weapons and supplies on an island to be the last player/team left. What to do: Players will be teleported to an airfield and have to enter a C130. Once everybody's in, the plane will start its engines and fly above the event area. When the plane reaches the event area, players have to eject. There will be an announcement when to jump out. The C130 will only fly over once above the event area. When players reach the ground, they have to kill each other until only one player/team is left. Last player/team alive on the island wins the event. To avoid camping, we'll add a marker randomly on the map. players have to get closer to this marker when announced on the server. players who havent reached the radius of the marker will be terminated without warning. Event starts on: Saturday, 3rd - 9:15 PM GMT There will be an announcement on the server when event starts. Do NOT bring your own gear as you will geared by us. Any of your previous gear will be deleted. No refunds, you have been warned! Rules: - No Hacking / Glitching / Bugusing - If you jump out before the plane reaches the event area, you will be disqualified. - If you stay in the plane too long, you'll die by its explosion. - You are allowed to use anything you find. - There wont be a grace-period. Feel free to kill others directly when landed. - Looting others is allowed. - Do not team up with other teams, doing so will end up with both teams being eliminated. Prizes: 1st: 150,000 Pop-Tabs SPLIT 2nd: 100,000 Pop-Tabs SPLIT 3rd: 50,000 Pop-Tabs SPLIT Participation Reward: 25.000 Pop-Tabs