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  1. K B

    Spawn points

    Sure, but I didn't advocate for removing the spawn towns, just adding a spawn at the trader. If the reasoning is to slow down the player from returning, I understand and that decision is a logical one. If the reasoning isn't to slow down combat, or perhaps to punish players who die (somewhat), and it's supposed to be fast paced PVP, then I think it would be preferable to avoid the rocks, jetskis, exploding ATVs, and other garbage / ArmaTM that occurs between spawning and the trader.
  2. K B

    Spawn points

    In that sense, and I know some people will disagree, but what's the point of spawning in a spawn town other than 1. The off chance you can be farmed in your shit gear as you ATV to a trader or 2. to slow down the pace of combat and the time it takes to get to your body/trader/in the fight. 90% of the time I die I drive straight to a trader, it just seems like I'm being asked to waste 5 minutes to get there, hit a loadout, buy a helo, fly to the fight vs. spawn in the trader, spend 2 minutes doing the aforementioned things, and waste less of my day - not that I die that often, but still.
  3. Would it be possible to add the smoke shells to the rearm script? Currently you only get the 2 for unarmed vehicles per restart, armed vehicles don't seem to refill at all. Regardless, smokes are an intricate part of the defense of these vehicles.
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