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  1. Whatever this is spelled. English is not my native tongue. Sniper meta is not used with details on low setting and just a few area of grass around you. it just makes no sense to disable it on very close range but the small fps gain. Specially that people use this fps gain to upgrade the view distance which make them lag again. If you ask in side chat, people says it sucks. I was more pointing the fact that we could use this grass as a close-range shield like any combat stance. But obviously you're just a fragger
  2. Forcing sniping meta under 50m range ? Cleaver.
  3. Yes and I took the clearing as exemple. However the minimum 50m distance for close combat is almost enough. if we're talking about fighting in forest then it entirely change. But from 3 answers it is obvious and I can read that you guys love it without. That's what I wanted to see, thanks.
  4. Arma was designed to have grass, suits are made to provide an ability to faint the eye in the middle of nature, whatever is this nature, jungle/desert/ You should be able to hide in a plain clearing in a ghillie suit or an hex camo, you could hide in sand with some desert suits. However today on the exile chernarus server? I do personnaly think the mechanic is not appropriate. What is the reason this option is available ? Can we have an admin point of view about it please? I know some people are having issues with FPS because of terrain quality, but affecting major part of the server for a few FPS issues, is it really intended ? The only real point there is to be able to loot easily the spots outside houses, this problem can be solved by putting back the loot inside buildings only, or just simply let people roam around building, could be an augmentation of the difficulty. 100% of aware people on the server turns this off and clearly see anyone that is not covered by a small tree, wall or house. Anything else is just pointless trying to hide. People roaming around in armored vehicles can just ram anyone trying to hide in clearing, with a perfect line of sight on them. We end up being more playing Wasteland / CounterStrike than Exile. I know this suggestion has been made by the past, I just want to add my rock to it.
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