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  1. Most often: Primary: HK417 "Recce" 14in for sub 1km (With AMS, HALO Suppressor and the isopod for bipod, bc why not :)) ) and M320 LRR for longer. Secondary: G18 Clothing: Exile Woodland or Ghillie Vest: Normally the OD Green Carrier Special Backpack: 50l MOLLE The main reason for the 417 is, with the MK362 ammo in it, it is a 1 shot sub 900m and only costs 800 pop tabs any other ammo and it is trash though. Also, don't forget shitloads of duct tape. Cost = Approximately 9k but that is mainly because I have like 4 grenades and defib, could easily get it to like 6k.
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