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  1. TAC

    Arma 3 Ep 7 Funny Moments!

    @Nick Don't worry will be back ?
  2. Hope people don't mind a new server ?
  3. TAC

    Arma 3 Cinematic

    @Nick yeah I didn’t know how to switch off the crosshairs at the time haha next one will definitely have nothing there just gameplay. Cheers for the comment :)
  4. TAC

    Arma 3 Cinematic

    Leave any comments on improvements!
  5. TAC

    Arma [SG] Exile #6

    @Nick Thank you! ?
  6. TAC

    Arma [SG] Exile #6

    Would like to get this to 1K! More Arma and BF5 content coming soon!
  7. TAC


    Yep! Haha as you moved seats
  8. All ramming in trader was done to my friend and not one single random person was rammed, as you can see he was in the group and no other member on the server was rammed during the making of this video :)
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