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  1. im looking to get my territory deleted because we moved and was told i had to have it deleted by staff but i dont know when they get on the server.
  2. my group wants to move to a bigger base but where we are right now we cant really do that. we were wondering if we could buy another flag pole and have 2 bases just until we move completely or if we have to buy the base packing from the store. we havent done anything yet going to wait for reply. yes i understand having multiple bases is against the rules but we wanna know if thats only for perm bases not a temp one that we will let decay or we will steal the flag after we move.
  3. Me and some buddies built in a barn the last time we played on a exile server(no sg). they than declaimed it and said you cant build inside prebuilt buildings like barns even if its far enough from all markers example spawn, gas station, stuff like that . we were wondering if sg has any kind of rule about building in prebuilt buildings like barns. ive read the rules a few times aand havent seen anything saying you cant but we wanted to make sure before we do. thank you
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