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  1. In the most recent raid none of these actions were performed. They opened the doors with the code, entered the safes, and left. There was never a charge, grind, or hack. There were firefights and deaths however, which all said the word "raid" on them. Is what you are saying implying that if they had 20 minutes of free reign with no deaths from either of us the raid timer would have reset and I could build with them in the house, without breaking rules? I'm fairly certain I cannot build while in a combat situation (admin care to chime in?). Also, does the firefight itself with damage done (or no damage?) instigate a raid or is it only kills? I was unaware of the 15 minute to scan rule which does make this seem much more okay. Following up on what someone mentioned above, being able to change a codelock without removing the door would be great.. And I still think small tweaks could improve the raiding dynamic. If they have taken over the base, or I have pushed them out, I think a player being forced to sit there in animation for 5 minutes (or some period) to change a single lock code while in raid mode makes sense. Raiders can send wave after wave at the defender, and the advantage stays for the raider if the defending team has a long animation timer to defend. If they can't break back through with the door codes and a defender out of commission to relock a single door then they probably shouldn't succeed in this raid anyway. All of this is my opinion ofc so anyone can chip in. I think we can all agree changing locks shouldn't require removing the door though XD
  2. I didn't realize the 15 minute thing, I thought it was longer so it's a bit better. I still think the raiding dynamic is a bit off though with the doors. Interested in a few more opinions. It just feels like much more running to a door spamming a lock and trying to type a code as fast as you can than an actual fight.
  3. Ah my bad, gotcha. I still think we need to add a timed code change. Especially with the raiders just spam locking all the doors to the house on any type of raid as is, there's nearly no way back in. In the circumstance you were scanned and they have your code there is no way to defend your base properly because you can't change the code. You get in, clear them out, and then you're stuck there until restart fighting because you can't change a lock. The odds of getting back in when they didn't blow a hole in the wall or grind the lock off anyway is already slim to none with the lock spamming.
  4. It gives you the last 3 numbers in order - the first digit can be 0-9 (10 digits). You try three, wait 5 minutes, try 3, wait 5 minutes, try 3 (in 10 minutes you have tried 9 out of the 10 possible options). MaTh sew hArD
  5. Yeap, 3 tries every five minutes, 10 possible codes. You can get it on the first try or the 10th try so there's some math involved but it won't typically take more than 8 minutes (3 tries right away, 5, 3 tries, 5 minutes, 3 tries, 5 minutes, 1 try. And mind you you're not stuck in an animation, no one wants to have a different code for every single door, and the next best thing is the grinder which is 5 minutes for a 40% chance and it's loud af, only gives access to 1 door at a time, not safes, etc. Hell with the code they're even able to pack the safes out with them. Most people have resulted to hiding safes behind concrete walls and moving it when they need it. Where's the realism in that.. It's solveable. Another option is adding a door option that requires a physical key. So at least they would have to crack the safes, find the keys or one off your body, then open the door or grind it.
  6. Also to add, with the scan being instant the person can scan, try three codes, and cover themselves and fight for the 5 minutes until they have to try 3 codes again - so it's minimal risk raiding that I feel needs a liiittle bit of tweaking.
  7. Something like a 2 minute animation where you can change a code on a door in your base while being raided. The balance seems a little off with one scan from a thermal scanner giving 3 guesses out of 10 possible every 5 minutes - meaning it takes on average like 7ish minutes to get a code from a base. Once a raider is in the base they're able to spam codes into doors to keep them locked and can pretty easily start scanning internal door/safe codes. Even if the owner clears them out of the base, with a 20 minute raid timer that is easily reset by a fresh spawn running into the base to cause a firefight - the base owner pretty much has to guard the base until restart before they can change a code and resecure it. With scanners being so cheap and there being no raid alert for the server, they seem a bit too good as a raid option. I know I'm going to get the "change your codes more often, dont use one code" flack - which is fair enough, and I know I just got f*cked up by the scans XD - but the suggestion is primarily because even after reclaiming the base, as is, if your codes are scanned you have to sit there and guard it until restart unless the raiders give up. Alternative options could be tweaking the scanners so they're not as accurate or upping their value a whole bunch. I rather prefer the timer idea which could allow for interesting breaching and clearing and the need to cover your teammate while he resets a code.
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