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  1. well for us safes sharing it will be a messed up ? now the basic lvl cant open doors without pin and no access to vg but can spawn and move objects , if its going to be changed to cant move objects i think thats good
  2. why a joke? if u mean bcs of the hacking time thats also can be changed
  3. 1- we recently became kind of a big group after we ganged up 3 families into 1 thats mean we all now in 1 base and we faced a little problem with the safes distribution , some players seems not happy with the amount of the safes that they get and i believe that some of the other big groups facing the same problem . i have been told that increasing the number of the safes in the territory not possible bcs more safes means more items and that could cause a lag on the server , so my suggestion here is increase the number of the safes on the territory but with the same capacity of 20 blue safes , bcs i realized that the players (including me) cares more about the numbers of the safes that they get than the capacity , they want to organize their gear/loot in different safes and put it in different parts of the base so they need more safes bcs they dont want to put everything in 1 safe . so i think 1 blue safe = 4 lvl 1 safe and 2 lvl 2 safe , i dont know this is possible or not but what if you guys make the numbers of the safes that the territory can hold it depends on the lvls of the safes , 1 safe of lvl 3 count as 1 , 2 safes of lvl 2 count as 1 , 4 safes of lvl 1 count as 1 . for example if u have 19 lvl 3 safes that mean u can place 1 more lvl 3 safe or 2 lvl 2 safes or 4 of lvl 1 safes and so . or another suggestion is limit the territory with 10 lvl 3 safes and 20 lvl 2 safes and cancel lvl 1 bcs it looks shity anyway ? 2- territory permissions , i think it should be like when you add someone get access to open doors without a pincode and the virtual garage but cant move objects .
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