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  1. Maybe that´s just your opinion. At least 4 people like it and the thread is only 24 hours old.
  2. Like the whole forums comes to this post and flames me like i said some racist shit or sth like that. I don´t understand that hate^^ It was just a simple suggestion which i thaught would make the server better.
  3. I prefer videos in my native language but thanks i guess
  4. I´m too young cause I don´t let some idiots on the internet talk shit about me?
  5. You are the person typing shit about me and I can´t just ignore that
  6. like is said. only cause other people think it isn´t a good idea doesn´t mean it really isn´t. it´s just their opinion which i have to accept.
  7. And the idea can´t be that bad if 4 other people vote for "Yes" aswell
  8. How can I be wrong when it´s my opinion? An opinion can´t be wrong. For me it´s right. When it´s not right for you doesn´t mean it´s wrong. Think about it
  9. Well it´s a shame that you think I´m wrong. Maybe the community doens´t like my idea but that doesn´t mean I´m wrong. Next time think before you write. Lmfao
  10. If you want just PVP go play King of the Hill in my eyes. Whats the difference between Exile and KotH then? Then basebuilding would be the only difference
  11. Yeah but I´d rather have less PVP with more tactic than more PVP with less tactic. The PVP would be more intense because you won´t rush in like a idiot cause you know you can just respawn 2km away and get your shit back.
  12. There would be a lot more tactic in the game without millions of bambis coming back and back again and again.
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