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  1. Every mother fucking time I put down a part on my last slot, screw it up, and try to move it, it says "maximum number reached." Then it fucking deletes the part altogether instead of putting it back in my inventory or on the ground. Annoys the shit out of me, i've lost so many god damn concrete structures to this shit.
  2. Here's another top notch idea from ole'Tyler. Get this, a system where you can recycle your concrete building materials, that you don't need and get like half the materials used to build them, back. Example: Concrete Doorway, "recycling noise," and I got back 1 pole, sand, and concrete. "well isn't that nice."
  3. MrTyler

    To much rpg!

    every single strider i've ever had has died in one hit with a rpg, jimlad is right too. Every single asshole I encounter at any mission or around the map, somehow, has an rpg.
  4. i agree with this price drop. I never use helis "cough". It wouldn't make a bit of difference to me "cough, cough". #helolife
  5. MrTyler

    More Slots

    Not enough slots on chernarus, wayyyyyy to many people joining all day, add more, plain and simple. or at least 10 premiums.
  6. well i only said high cause it was a happy medium, i play on ultra son.
  7. Not sure I titled this correctly, but essentially me and my group were talking about instead of having a variable 8g graphics setting (ultra, very high, high, low). You could set the entire servers' graphic setting to high, and eliminate the ability to see through terrain to some degree. We also found an interesting tool on a wasteland server that allows you to remove grass around you within like a 3-5 meter radius that only you can see. I don't think setting from low to ultra really affects fps all that much, really just depends on the view distance settings.
  8. +1 would agree, 10/10. would make ground combat, air combat, any combat more entertaining.
  9. MrTyler


    Bored, waiting for server to be up, Lets get some more emotes up on this server. We need a dance emote to be funky in the safe zone, and we need a flip off emote because obvious reasons. This is of the upmost importance and cannot be taken lightly. If my request here cannot be accomplished im afraid spartan gaming will not last much longer, as the player base will steadily drop off due to lack of groovy dance moves and middle fingers. I rest my case.
  10. So here is an idea I have stirred up in my brain, mostly because I'm sick of selling planes and not being able to keep them over restarts. Without the chance of them being stolen that is. A safe zone plane garage. I don't even know if it could be a thing, but if it was you would only be able to store planes in it. Almost no one has a base on the airfields, mainly because of a rule, so there is no where to land them as altis is a hilly, rock covered, fence infested, patchy forested, piece of shit, map. I love altis, much better than chernarus. Also, planes are not the most reliable vehicles when landing. Anyway, just an idea.
  11. we'll deal with the issues, no compensation, this should be added.
  12. MrTyler

    Pushing Planes

    I agree, I had just bought a junkers at the airfield the other day and It spawned facing toward the building, and like an idiot I started going forward thinking I could turn it in time and it hit the building, I.E. Shit out of luck. I turned it and it just exploded.
  13. I know there is already three safe zones and two black market dealers, but Altis is Huge. Frankly keeping three safe zones would be fine but move the one on the west side of the map. It is only accessible by two roads, one going waayyyy up north until you can turn on to correct road and the other going waayyyy south, and in between all of that is just mountainous aids. As for the black market dealers, like I said, there is only two, and they are constantly camped despite the rules. Maybe put one up in the north of the map, either on the very left most side, where there is a little peninsula/Island, or in the middle right on the water like the rest. There, I have spoken my peace.
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