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  1. Ich bin zusammen mit einer weiteren Person auf der Suche nach einer Gruppe, mit der man ab und zu mal los ziehen kann für Missionen und/oder PvP, bei Interesse einfach kurz anschreiben dass man sich mal zusammen aufm TS oder Discord trifft
  2. well...serious? ^^ sure its not perfect but its definetely waaaayyyy better than now! its not about wont being able to spot people easier if they are on a hill, the problem right now is i can see who is 4km away behind 3 hills
  3. well sure that sucks but thats how it goes, if you want higher qualities in games (not talking about graphics specifically) you just have to upgrade your hardware from time to time and honestly...weve got a legal wallhack on the server thats absolutely garbage! i havent got a great pc too but would be ready to upgrade if its neccessary
  4. i also agree with the change if it helps, its completely garbage if youre able to see through a few mountains and "spot" sb running 4km away...it takes away the whole challenge of finding ppl while not beeing seen and takes the possibility away to really "stealth" around in my opinion