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  1. May I wonder why you are really going on about this? as it is now it seems just fine. You do realize that most of the players that are in a group they are also in the same family, which means they can then just use the visible GPS map to see where their members are. Also I personally would not even need the grouping, since you need to COMMUNICATE with you team anyway and tell where you are. I know this is something that is not obvious for some especially the new groups. I somewhat see the point here but would it really make the difference? The solo player could run the scan only every 5 minutes anyway. TL:DR; I would not touch the 8G network thing at all.
  2. Now just to throw my 2 cents here. I would not like to see the amount of pop tabs given for the stolen flag. We have raided about 10 bases since we began and 3 of those (groups) have left since we went in for the flag multiple times. Increasing the yield from the flag would give higher incentive for raiders to take the flag over and over again. Where as at least I do want them to stay around, just clean out the safes and let them keep the rest, that way they will most likely stay and rebuild and try to come back. Also if you increase the building part limit I can pretty much guarantee that my design will be remodelled as whole, since If I had more parts there is a design that I can build where it will take someone WAY longer (the design has been tested else where) to raid the base then someone who is familiar with ít. But like Rosco stated safes and VG are the ones you want to go for anyway. Also @Sean the formula does work as Hunter pointed out, hence atm its 20K for max parts on lvl 10 flag
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