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  1. Yeah not relying on it is good balance, you quickly learn which groups keep off it and which don't. That adds an interesting level to the mechanic. I just think there needs to be more of a negative effect to not being on the Network, it's there so you can group with your team mates and see their location. It doesn't make sense for this to work when you're not on the Network, it almost seems like a bug. I think it does the opposite, a small group has a much easier time coordinating themselves without party markers. So being off the 8G Network would help level that playing field. If you're in a group of 6 it's a harder decision to go off the Network (if you ungrouped), purely because of how chaotic it could be keeping track of everyone.
  2. I quite like the mechanic for the most part but isn't it quite easily exploitable? Going off the 8G Network should have drawbacks, but it doesn't. You stay grouped, you can see where your party is - you can toggle the 8G Network to a hotkey so easily player scan if you need to. Essentially the only negative to being off the network is the extra key press before and after a scan. As it stands I think it punishes those less savvy, it would be much better if you lost group as soon as you're off the network - then you have a good risk / reward system.
  3. I never understood why you couldn't script base raiding to work only if someone from the family/territory is online (or have not been online for 3 days) Seems to be a fair way to do it, base raiding is 10x more exciting when people are defending their base anyway.
  4. Yeah because when you don't have EBM everyone becomes an architect and Cherno is littered with masterpieces. Some EBM items actually help with creativity, 1 castle tower means you don't have to waste 20-30 objects just to add some height to your base. Many people go for similar looking bases but I can't think of a time when most people in Exile didn't just make penis towers on top of hills, EBM or not. Saying that the metal sheds are a bit of a mess, after calling for admin help twice I've binned them off.
  5. Just Littlebird/Pawnie types though isn't it? Maybe Mozzies too. This has been around since Arma 2 Epoch unfortunately.
  6. At the moment the current kill-feed blocks most of your group members and important notifications on the top left. Would it be possible to have this as an option on the XM8, much like server chat? Or possible moved to the right or the center so it's out of the way. I.e:
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