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  1. Contact me on Team speak im usually in Ts in my channel my name is Tony Outlaw
  2. If u can get on ts right now to talk
  3. We are looking for people no need to play u will set to trial and just msg me to talk
  4. Hey Andy is here any way u can get on ts i need an higher admin and no body on ..
  5. Hey guys check out our Gang we are looking for people ! and we would like to have u in our fmily!
  6. ”The condition of man... is a condition of war of everyone against everyone.” The Underground Outlaws started off as a small family known as “The Outlaws”, they were a small group of relatives, who wanted to make a name for themselves and live the life of Outlaws. They pillaged, stole, ransacked and killed. As time went on more people started joining them on their journey to power and riches, and they soon realized they were becoming much more than just a family. So the small family run gang decided to expand their brand and they created “The Underground Outlaws”, on the Altis county, to bring together men, with a similar mindset on life. We all want power and money, to protect our elders, our civilian citizens and our own interests and we are all willing to do whatever it takes to get it. The Underground Outlaws are slowly moving through different counties: Lakeside, taking as much as they can with them and moving on to the next area to live in and dominate with their sheer man power and willingness to do anything they have to. Not everyone in the gang is a Tear, we also have members of other families, most of them also from different counties. But somewhere far away, we are all one big family in our minds. In our gang we work with both a chain of command and gang reputation. You have to earn reputation by doing acts of kindness to current Outlaws and by showing why you really want to join the Outlaws The Underground Outlaws have taken up arms against everyone who has crossed their path. After completing our several tasks in other counties, e.g. Altis, we are now here in Chernarus to help the Country stand up and defend . Every one who will try to mess with us will be dealt with accordingly by us. We as a gang are here to help. Tony Outlaw run the high command and thus the gang, expecting the best from their (family) members, we expect all of our gang members to not just be working together, we expect you to class each other as friends and family. As my last word I’d like you to see us as an asset to you, please don’t fear us, we are all friendly… As long as you are. 1 - Respect Everyone in the gang. Even though we all want a fun time, disrespect will not be tolerated and you can expect to lose your spot in the gang if you act disrespectful at all. 2 - Don’t be annoying. 3 - Follow server rules. 4 - Don’t ever sell out fellow gang members. Be Loyal. 5 - Show professionalism whilst representing our gang. 6- Don’t give out gang clothing, vehicles, or frequency. If you’re caught doing this, you will be Kicked. We try to be serious and also have a good time and try to be relaxed so if you want the balance between the two then this is the right place for you To avoid bad experiences that we have had we have a small trial period before officially becoming a member.
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