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  1. Most, if not all scopes are incompatible with NVGs (except open sights like a red dot) and since people think "everyone else is probably turning up their gamma to have the upper hand, I might as well do it too". That being said, I too wish for some changes in ambience/daytime once in a while, maybe even weather, just to make it a little harder to spot people and it not being a perfect sunny day 24/7. P.S. I guess the reason for the weather being disabled is for performance reasons so sidechat isn't crying "WHERE IS MUH FPS, IT SO LEGGY WITH RAIN AND FOG, ADMIN.....HELP FPS":
  2. Yeah lets spawn with launchers when there is a chance for the mission to spawn and there is a chance of said vehicle getting out from that mission in one piece.
  3. Yeah and they can also last a few minutes with the wrong people in it, so that's not the issue
  4. No, I mean most vehicles as in anything with a HMG.
  5. @John Rivers how long have you been playing on here? Because you don't seem to know how long most vehicles usually last on here.
  6. You guys do know we already have grenade launcher vehicles on here, with the only difference being lower range and slower moving rounds and nobody is complaining about that.
  7. That's actually not a lot for 3 hours when you give it 2 boxes (560 rounds). Especially when so many people are running around with rocket launchers.
  8. So you think having those 2 ammo boxes is gonna last you for 3 hours?
  9. Never said the server is bad as it is, but that's what suggestions are for, to add stuff that makes it even better.
  10. You did read my post, right? It disappears AFTER restart and CANNOT be stored, so where is the problem? I don't see anyone complaining when people can camp spawn towns with any strong vehicle that takes as many RPG hits as the ones I mentioned. Plus you have to get it from a mission(which means said mission has to spawn in the first place), so you think its gonna be a walk in the park to get something like that out of there in one piece?
  11. Well if that's too much then just give them 2 ammo boxes when you get them from the mission and no rearm option. Done
  12. I mean, isn't that mostly the case already with the Marid or other .50 cals?
  13. Hello there! Once again I have a suggestion for everyone. I myself, and probably a lot of other people as well have seen this idea on different servers before. or How about a type of mission which rewards you with a quite powerful vehicle like the AFV-4 Gorgon or AMV-7 Marshall or something similar. However, said vehicle cannot be stored. You can only A) use it until restart or B) sell it. I am not sure how to deal with rearming said vehicles, maybe it is too OP or it makes them less impactful. Thoughts?
  14. Are we talking about the jamming or playing arma in general?
  15. And you think that's gonna kill the population more than 1/5th of the map being a no-fly zone with all those stinger bases? (And yes I know, we are part of that issue lol)
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