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  1. Are we talking about the jamming or playing arma in general?
  2. And you think that's gonna kill the population more than 1/5th of the map being a no-fly zone with all those stinger bases? (And yes I know, we are part of that issue lol)
  3. Is your base level 4? Because that would explain the cost....10*parts*territory level
  4. @Sean are you sure about the 10 pop tabs per part? Whenever I pay for my base with 200 parts it's 20K (100*200= 20k) I am too mostly playing alone or with one teammate and I still manage to keep our bases going and recover from raids, so that's not an excuse for me not to increase the flag value.
  5. Hey there! So as we all know the server economy is quite overflowing with pop tabs and gear since it is very easy to obtain everything. I think it might be a good idea to adjust the prices of territory related services (e.g. increase flag ransom price from 5K/level to 10K/level, increase territory protection from 100/building part to 300/building part, increase sale price from stolen flags to 10K/level from 5K/level). This makes having and especially sustaining a base more valuable, as well as raiding someone for their flag (since most raiders do not think it is worth getting into someones heavily protected flag room for 50k + the chance of some vehicles). Whats your opinion?
  6. The creator of the mod re-uploaded it with some new additions aswell. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1369953203&searchtext=ka+weapons