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  1. If you raid to make money ==> with increased price you will make more money If you raid to piss off/fuck over ........ ==> with increased price you will piss them off better So where is the reason not to increase it?
  2. Its necessary to increase the price for flags. First of all its so easy to get poptabs on this server. You can easily make 50k poptabs in less than 30 min. So if the value of the flag is low, there is no reason to steal it. Further most of the flags are protected with at least 4 walls. So there is enough to do to steal it. Another fact is that stealing a flag is the only option / reason for loners or small groups to do a base raid. (Its the only way that not the whole server knows that you are raiding a base) So yes its really important to increase the price for flags.
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