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  1. night has been necessary on this server for ages. people complain that they don't like night simply because they can't be bothered to try and enjoy something different and more strategically provoking. please add at least 40 minutes of night as blinding daylight constantly is just not capitalising on what fun can be had.
  2. sure i seen a jave on this server but ok. maybe it was some time past, anyway. i disagree. black market trader is still absolutely useful. people will not build like 100 loadouts just so they don't have to go to black market for anything. it just makes things a lot easier for people so its not a constant walk around. black market is a place to get special weapons and gear but you shouldn't have to 'always' go and get it to gear up if a save loadout option is available. other wise what is the point of the save loadout. what happens in this iteration is people just lockdown black market and while fighting to gear is one thing, of the enjoyment in the game...its pretty difficult to even the odds when that 5 man team running mad gear is basically in control wherever they go. thats just one example.
  3. hi guys what i would like to see changed is listed below: - loadout saves should allow black market armour/clothing - loadout saves should allow black market weapons (javelin, stinger, 20mm AT rifle, SPMG .338 not included) it is super annoying having to constantly go back and forth to black market just to get a vest with slightly better armour or a gun with a faster fire rate such as the MG42 (accuracy is low, it's a reasonable trade off), or a special purpose for a different camouflage. i'm not against using black market but i don't see what purpose it serves to not allow basic black market items to be saved....it's just creates a trudge for gear and weapons. i'm not saying every single thing should be allowed but things like different camo assault rifles, being forced to buy lmg ammo from black market despite lmg's being sold at safe zones and a few other minor inconsistencies really makes the game more work in areas it doesn't need to be. i don't know if it's possible to code in a restriction on any black market weapons/gear NPC's spawn with, so that they are not allowed to be saved when picked up by players OR to allow black market saves but they can only be accessed from a special black market loadout save NPC. those are just two solutions thought up on the fly. there are a few others but for the moment that's what i want to focus on. p.s could you please make selling a strider/ifrit/hunter worth more than like 12k. some of those missions and the battles surrounding them are hard anxiety causing work XD cheers Marlfox
  4. seconded. shooting cameras has been needed for so long it's ridic.
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