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hey guys 


Hey guys. newish to the server, but our group are veteran players. Seen a small group of lads under attack tonight and thought we would lend a hand and help them out, however, an admin quickly told us we are not allowed and to refer to the rules. so to my understanding, we can not help out until "raid mode" is active, when I asked the admin why this rule is in place he told us 'its to keep it as fair as possible' but this doesn't quite seem fair, for example. A large group of players say 5+ starts attacking a small group of 1 or 2 that are just getting started and don't have the players/resources to take on the larger groups cannot ask for any help until the large group starts blowing or hacking into there base. which means until they plant the first charge they have time to set up overwatch positions and find good cover spots meanwhile the small guy can't do anything but watch as they overwhelm his base.


is there any way to work on this rule to help out the smaller newer teams when under attack?





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  • You are allowed to team up to raid bases with other groups\families.
  • You are allowed to team up to defend against base raids if the owners of the base invites you to their party\group (Someone just running around outside the base does not mean it is a raid, the base has to be put in raid mode for it to be a valid reason)

These are the exact rules, when it comes to helping defending a base as long as the base is in raid mode you are allowed to team up, as soon as the attack ends the group needs to be disbanded. 


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