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EVENT - Paintball Deathmatch

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Paintball Deathmatch!


This is event is being hosted on the Saturday 14th 2018 at 9:30 BST (30 minutes after the restart)




How to join:

Once the Admins have the event setup, there will be a server wide message stating how to join.

Usually just type "TP" in sidechat. Only do this once asked.


What to do?

Once Teleported to the event arena, you will be in a closed off area waiting for other players.

When everyone is ready, you will be split into 2 teams. (Red vs Blue)

You will then be taken to your starting area where you can get your loadout.

Once the event starts, the last team standing wins!



1. You are able to revive your team mates a maximum of 3 times. (Script restrictions)

2. Do not team kill.

3. Don't respawn if you die.

4. Do not leave the event area.

5. Try and party up, it will help you.

6. Do not bug use, glitch or be an idiot. (Bans will be handed out)




Winning Team: All team members will get 75k Poptabs each

Participation reward: 25k Poptabs

(If you care about your respect, then screenshot it while at the event and we can refund it)

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Sounds fun, sadly I am out on the beers, but hope you do a repeat. Maybe midweek I find it hard to get on over weekends 

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