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Tips and Useful Information - Exile Altis

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Tips and Useful Information for our server!


Connection Information

  • Server IP:
  • Search: [SG] Exile Altis


General Information

  • You can revive a player using defibrillators.
  • Disconnect 5 minutes before server restart to not risk gear loss.
  • Vehicles left inside a Safezone will be unlocked upon restart and can be stolen.
  • Compensation will be only given if you have video evidence! No exceptions!
  • You can press "9" to disable environment sounds.
  • You can bind multiple custom keys in the infiSTAR Keybinds menu.
  • Crates stored in vehicles over restarts are saved.
  • You have to pay protection to maintain your territory every 8 days when a base is not maintained for 8 days, it will be deleted! Recommended to pay every 7 days. 
  • If your base has been deleted due to missed protection money payment, then we offer a base restore option on our Store. (This is only possible up to 7 days after deletion)
  • If the ransom money isn't paid for your territory, doors and safe codes are set to 0000 after 2 days.
  • If the ransom money isn't paid for your territory, the base will be deleted after 3 days. (The base will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored)


  • You have to craft or find breaching charges. They maybe sold by players in the Inmate Market.
  • Breaching charges are used to destroy construction objects within territories.
  • There are 3 different types of charges that take different amounts of time to place:
    • Wood breaching charges take 3 minutes to plant.
    • Metal breaching charges take 5 minutes to plant.
    • Concrete breaching charges take 7 minutes to plant. (Big Mommas)
  • Different construction objects take different amounts of charges to fully destroy:
    • All objects take 2 charges to destroy by default
    • Concrete Tower now takes 4 Big Mommas to destroy.
    • Concrete Helicopter Pad now takes 4 Big Mommas to destroy.
    • Concrete Hangar Gate now takes 3 Big Mommas to destroy.
    • Concrete Wire Wall now takes 3 Big Mommas to destroy.
    • Concrete Watch Tower now takes 3 Big Mommas to destroy.
    • Concrete Mixer now takes 5 Big Mommas to destroy.
  • Construction damage textures:
    • (Left) Will show when a charge has been exploded on an object.
    • (Right) Will show when an object is 1 charge away from being destroyed.



Flag and Safe Hacking

  • Starting a hack requires 25 players online at the time.
  • You need a "Base Laptop" to start a hack.
  • There can only be 2 concurrent hacks per territory.
  • A hack has a 15% chance of failing while the hack is active.
  • Once a hack fails, the laptop has a 50% chance of destroying.
  • You have 5 attempts per object to successfully hack it. Each fail counts as an attempt.
  • You can only have 5 successful or failed hacks per territory each restart.
  • Starting a hack will notify the whole server and mark the location on the map.
  • It takes 2 minutes to place down the hacking laptop.
  • The hacking progress will show on the laptop screen.
  • At least 1 player must be within a 15m radius of the hacking laptop.
  • Hacking times per object:
    • Flag Pole: 15 minutes
    • Level 1 Safe: 15 minutes
    • Level 2 Safe: 20 minutes
    • Level 3 Safe: 25 minutes
  • You can unlock perks to lower the hacking times.
  • You can interrupt the hack by scrolling on the hacking laptop.
  • You can check the exact hack percentage by scrolling on the laptop.



  • Grinding requires a grinder.
  • A successful grind will consume 4 batteries.
  • A failed grind will consume 1 battery.
  • Grinding a lock will take 7 minutes.
  • Grinding has a 60% fail chance.
  • If a grind fails, there is a 75% chance of the grinder breaking.
  • Grinding does not notify anyone on the map.
  • Starting a grind after you have stopped will take off the time you have already spent grinding.

Virtual Garage

  • A level 1 territory will have 4 garage slots, with each territory upgrade you will get 4 extra slots.
  • All inventory items in the vehicle will be dropped on the ground when stored.
  • When storing a vehicle into the Virtual Garage it will save its exact location, position and condition.
  • You can grant territory rights to your friends to allow Virtual Garage access.

Territory Levels

  • Level 1, 25 Building items, 20 meter Radius, 4 Virtual Garage slots, 10000 Poptabs to buy.
  • Level 2, 50 Building items, 25 meter Radius, 8 Virtual Garage slots, 25000 Poptabs to upgrade.
  • Level 3, 75 Building items, 30 meter Radius, 12 Virtual Garage slots, 40000 Poptabs to upgrade.
  • Level 4, 100 Building items,  35 meter Radius, 16 Virtual Garage slots, 60000 Poptabs to upgrade.
  • Level 5, 125 Building items, 40 meter Radius, 20 Virtual Garage slots, 100000 Poptabs to upgrade.
  • Level 6, 150 Building items, 45 meter Radius, 24 Virtual Garage slots, 150000 Poptabs to upgrade.
  • Level 7, 175 Building items, 50 meter Radius, 28 Virtual Garage slots, 175000 Poptabs to upgrade.
  • Level 8, 200 Building items, 55 meter Radius, 32 Virtual Garage slots, 200000 Poptabs to upgrade.
  • Level 9, 225 Building items, 60 meter Radius, 36 Virtual Garage slots, 225000 Poptabs to upgrade.
  • Level 10, 250 Building items, 75 meter Radius, 40 Virtual Garage slots, 250000 Poptabs to upgrade.


Territory Object Limits

  • 20 Containers per territory.
  • 2 Concrete Helicopter Pads per territory.
  • 2 Concrete Towers per territory.
  • 8 Concrete Wire Walls per territory.
  • 2 Concrete Hangar Gates per territory.
  • 8 Concrete Boxes per territory.


Territory Raid Mode Plus

  • Starting any kind of raid mechanic will set the territory into "Raid Mode". Meaning members of that territory cannot remove/move/place anything in their base for 20 minutes. Every raid action will reset the 20 minute timer.
    • Placing a charge, starting a hack/grind, stealing a flag. If these actions are not done then the base owners are free to remove/move/replace anything they wish as their base is not being raided.
  • If an enemy is in a territory after a restart, the base owners cannot remove/move/place anything for the first 5 minutes of the restart. Raiders have that amount of time to set the territory into "Raid Mode".


Base Raid Protection

  • Territories are protected until your base reaches level 3.
  • Territories are protected for 2 days (48hrs) if your base has not reached level 3 yet.
  • As soon as your territory reaches level 3 then it is free to be raided no matter the age of the territory.
  • Once your territory is over 2 days (48hrs) old, then it is free to be raided. It is only protected for 2 days, no matter the level.
  • Your items/vehicles can still be taken/destroyed just no raiding mechanic can be started while the territory is protected.


Cleanup Routines

  • Vehicles have a 1 day lifetime before getting deleted if they have no been interacted with. This is due to lag/performance. (Virtual Garage vehicles are not affected)
  • Base parts that are over the height limit will be automatically deleted each restart.
  • Workbenches outside of territories will be deleted each restart.
  • Constructions that are outside of a territory, will be deleted each restart. (If you have a flyaway object then save some form of proof)
  • Dead bodies within 500m of a spawn zone will be deleted after 5 minutes. (15 Minutes anywhere else)


Here is a "Vehicle Information Database" that displays loads of information for most of the vehicles on our server (Not fully up to date): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h56X1cDAz3J-_iy3QhUE0GF9bFpulcxyZSrBPbzB-Vk/edit#gid=0


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