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Rolling Changelog - Exile

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Mod: [SG] Mod: Added Concrete Box. (Can be used as an easy 1x1 flag room ?) Added Concrete Glass Floor and Wall. Added Concrete Tall Gate. Ad

Changed: Reduced the amount of sniper rifles that spawn in civilian buildings. Healing hotkey perk message when you don't own it. Should help people that are confused when they get the

Mods: [SG] Mod Added Fuel Pump and Concrete mixer to be buildable (Mainly for Altis) Added 3 more variants of the Navid and SPMG - Thanks to @Pennywise Ad


  • Tagging
    • This brand new feature allows you to spray-paint objects with different pictures. This form of creative vandalism will stay for 2 days for premium players and for the restart for everyone else. We might reduce the premium duration if we believe it's too much.
    • Press Ctrl+P to open the menu (If it's not working press Tab, then press Reset All. You can also set a custom keybind in the Tab menu.)
    • We will update the SG Mod again shortly to add more tags. If you already have a family uniform we will add your logo/picture for free. Just open a ticket. Needed format is 512x512 PNG or PAA, transparency is possible.
  • The Snipex Alligator
    • This Anti-Material Rifle chambered in 14.5x114mm packs a punch and closes the gap between the KSVK and the NTW. It was custom-modeled and skinned from scratch by FakeDeath. Check out the awesome gold version!
  • New Models such as:
    • The Predator Head Helmet
    • The Chainsaw Man Helmet
    • The Altyn Helmet
    • The Pepe Helmet
    • The 6B43 explosive resistant Vest
  • New Car bomb mechanics
    • In addition to the existing car bomb, you can now buy a portable car bomb from the Spec Ops Trader that you can attach to any vehicle in the wild. Locked vehicles take longer to prepare. Can't be used less than 500m from Safezones.
  • 4 new Missions:
    • Azu's Brewery
    • Insa's Dairy
    • Soggy's Wig Store
    • Snus & Databrus
  • Tons of textures for existing items

Change: - Silenced M320 Sound now uses the Cheytac M200 sound from Arma 2


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  • NTW price has been changed to 20k (from 30k)
  • NTW API and APT ammo price has been changed to 1400 (from 1500)
  • NTW HEI ammo price has been changed to 20k (from 30k)


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  • removed remains of the Exile M107 from the game (remaining AI and CDF configs, replaced existing weapons in safes with M107-X Black)


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  • Added a chance to spawn Snipex Alligator variants to CDF crates
  • Added a chance to spawn Snipex Alligator variants to another mission (find out yourself)
  • Added new Mission: XH9 Steal



  • Snus & Databrus Mission: fixed a glitchy spot at the door to the rear deck of the destroyer that caused players to fall into the ship and die
  • Blacklisted doors, hatches and windows for the tagging/spray-paint system (could be abused to effectively block visuals from one side)


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  • removed the "safes must be accessible on foot via doors" rule.


  • Removed terrain quality settings (always forced to Ultra now)
  • Removed Grass
  • Moved Mk-1 EMR and MK18 to Black Market
  • Added "Deploy Jetski" button in XM8 (needs an extension cord like a quad bike)
  • Added Double XP Area that will appear around some missions
  • Added DataCache Mission/Event
  • Added Samurai Kit (Uniform/Vest/Helmet/Sword)
  • Added DVL10 Sniper Rifle (available at BM)
  • Added CMMG Mk47 Mutant Rifle (available in SZ)
  • Added some tagging logos
  • Increased prices for low end helicopters
  • Increased sell prices for armed helicopters
  • Zub and Rog are now no build zones to allow for their respective CPs to spawn
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  • Added: XP reward to buying VG slots
  • Added: XP reward to uploading data cache
  • Fixed: An error with the RadZone CP Crate
  • Fixed: Some missing/wrong file paths
  • Fixed: Values of some private clothing
  • Fixed: Glock sounds
  • Changed: CDF map marker doesn't show the remaining AIs anymore. AI count can now be seen in the bottem left Status HUD as long as you're close enough to CDF.
  • Changed: Time needed to copy the data cache reduced to 60secs
  • Changed: Planes bought from the aircraft traders at Balota, NWAF and NEBM spawn in the direction of the corresponding Airstrips now.
  • Changed: Radzone AIs chance to spawn with a gas mask increased to 30% (was 15%)
  • Changed: Zip-Tie hit detection changed/improved (feedback desired)


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