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JUGGERNAUT Event - Altis

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Event starts at 10 PM BST | 4  PM EST | Next Saturday 20/11/2021





How It Works


1 player will be given spec purpose suit & spec purpose Helmet and Navid, every other player given a pistol and basic clothing, whoever can kill the juggernaut wins and then becomes the juggernaut for the next round. 

More info will be posted later this week + Discord



Do not break any of the original server rules.

Do not leave the area doing so will result in a teleport and elimination.

Do not troll, bans will be given out instantly and you will not be able to participate.


1st to kill Jug: +200,000 poptabs 

2nd to kill Jug: +150,000 poptabs 

3rd to kill Jug: +100,000 poptabs 


+30,000 participation award

There will be an announcement on the server when event starts. Do NOT bring your own gear as you will geared by us. Any of your previous gear will be deleted. 

No refunds On poptabs, Gear or respect you have been warned!


Admins running event: @ Jacob Kirby @ sciencefreak @ Gordon

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