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After many years of playing arma 2 and arma 3 mods, theres always seems te be one mayor issue regarding the rules, and that is safezone abuse.

Seeing how you guys are starting a server on a new game with a much larger player base , I wanted to put this up for discussion, as this might be a server we all end up playing for years.




  • No combat evading into the Safe Zone. If you have been shot at, do not enter these zones for at least 2 minutes of not being in combat unless you kill the player(s) shooting at you.
  • Scouting from the Safe Zones is not allowed.
  • Do not follow a player out of the Safe Zone to kill or engage them in any way


Change to:

  • Do not abuse the ''Trader Safe zone'' god mode in any way to get kills. (stepping in/out, following out).





The main reason for this change is that we all agree it shouldn't be abused, but giving bambi's a change to get to safety , without a ''checklist of things that mean combat'', would lead to a lot less toxicity and reports.

I do not think its fair that;

  • I can make a player stop going in the SZ by randomly shooting in his direction,
  • Can get a guy reported to get my revenge, just because I couldn't kill the guy in time.
  • Unarmed heli's have no chance but to eject and get zerged by my teammates.



My apologies I am missing something but just wanted to get it out there.

Less toxicity +1




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