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Jacob Kirby

Base Hunt - Altis 19/10/2020

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Event starts next Monday 19/10/2020 (UK format)


Base Hunt



How It Works


On Monday 19/10/2020 there will be a base with random useless loot and high tier loot on the server. The location will not be given, you will be given a clue that will lead to the general location of the base and you must raid the base to get the loot. The base will be built on the day of the event, it could look like anything: a starter base or a fully built base, who knows? After the first 24 hours I will give a second clue. Every 24 hours the base is not found I will give out clues. Once the base has been raided that will conclude the event. Remember people will try and counter raid you!



Do not break any of the original server rules.

Do NOT ask any staff member for help or clues.

Do NOT drop any loot on the ground if you are spotted doing this it will count as trolling at a event.



Whoever finds the loot first!

Clue #1:
Clue #2:
Clue #3:
Clue #4:




Admins running event: @Jacob Kirby

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Event starts next Monday 19/10/2020 


Event has started!


Base Coords: 104/172

First Clue: I am with god!
Second Clue: I am 4k away from where birds land & take off.

Third Clue: My coordinates 104/172

Base Name: Includes the word of a well known alcohol 


Next clue will be tomorrow! 

P.S Be on the look out for safe hacks! Maybe someone found it already 🙂
Good luck!

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