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I can make a garage

without the cars disappearing

from near my base Can you build a garage without

the cars disappearing from my base? I know there is a virtual garage

but I have built something external outside my base...and I would like the cars not to disappear. 

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@Rubenzio - Park your cars in your 'special' space.  THEN use the virtual garage to store them.  Then when you need them, use the VG to restore them!


The VG 'remembers' where vehicles are saved, so they will be recalled to that same 'saved spot'.




Parking on ANY material besides 'dirt' can cause your vehicles to go bye-bye.


Putting a vehicle ANYWHERE BUT IN THE VG,  and is NOT facing north, there is a very good chance that it will explode on restore/server restart - I have seen this HUNDREDS of times with server restarts.  When ARMA spawns in vehicle, they start off facing north.  If yours was parked facing east in a small room, when it is spawned in, it hits the walls while ARMA 'turns it' and it goes BOOM!


There is a 'time limit' for vehicles 'just sitting on the ground' to be de-spawned.  There is ALSO a limit on vehicles in the VG.  Solution?  Take it out BEFORE THIS TIME LIMIT, get in it, exit and re-save.



Problem solved.




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@Arcas - I never said it was here.  There are several 'systems' that use a VG.  The two 'biggest' are ExAD's and the modified one the Exile devs put into Exile.


ExAD's has a time limit (at one time), Exile's does not.  This does NOT mean that a custom script is not running ON THE SERVER to 'purge' data (cars) after 'x days'.  And if they did, you would NOT know this value.  They COULD have it set to 3000 days. 


Without you having full access to the server AND knowing ARMA scripting, your answer AT BEST is a GUESS.  Also, no where in the rules does it mention anything about the VG - nothing.


While it may be a correct GUESS, it STILL IS A GUESS.


I never stated WHICH VG has a time limit nor did I state that this server has one.  The time limit in the VG is something that should have been included in the rules.  How would a new player know such?  An admin would have to be asked.




I made ZERO ASSUMPTIONS about my statements.





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