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Recently there was a presidential election. A new President has been selected. Anything worked fine until the new president decided to ban all Chips & Energy Drinks of Chernarus.

The inhabtiants were shocked. How should they survive without Chips and Energy Drinks? Do they really have to cook fresh food and eat healthy vegetables?

Some inhabitants didn't agree with this new rule. A cruel civial war started and some inhabitants are attempting to kill the new president.

The president is located on the airfield inside his base. He's going to leave chernarus if nobody stops him.



There will be an announcement on the server right before the event starts.  Make sure to leave your current equipment on a safe place as we will delete your gear before you get teleported.

You will have to write *TP* into the side-chat to get teleported & to participate to the event. There will be an admin explaining the rules and what to do. Listen to him carefully as rules can change.

After the admin explained everything, you will be teleported to either the president's current hide-out or to an outpost of the demonstrators. Do not enter a vehicle / run around before anyone has been teleported.


What to do:

The Demonstrators have to kill the president within 20 minutes before the airplane arrives (airplane will have godmode) while the president's guards have to protect him.

Demonstrators will be given armed vehicles & helicopter while the guards get better & heavy equipment and static weapons.

Anyone will also get equipped with a defibrilator in order to revive their teammates. 

The event ends when either the plane arrives [DOESN'T MATTER IF THE PRESIDENT IS INSIDE THE PLANE OR NOT] or the president got killed.



- General Server Rules

- Do not enter the NWAF after the 9:00 PM RESTART (unless you got tp'ed)

- Do not come back when died & not been revived

- Do not pick up enemies gear (stealing vehicles IS allowed)



SAT., JAN 13th - 9:15 PM GMT



Winning Team: 65.000 Pop-Tabs

Losing Team: 30.000 Pop-Tabs


Special Prizes:

Player killing the president: Medium Weapon Crate

Destroying specific vehicle (will be announced before event starts - still in discussion): Medium Weapon Crate




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