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Whats your Load out?

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I'd like to run some camo outfit just pick whatever pleases you, a Molle xl backpack, 2-3 ductape, 2-4 instadocs, some food and drinks and 3 extension cords. Now concerning Weapon options it really depends on your playstyle. Some good weapons from the trader are: troy m14 ->50-round mags are a big plus, mk48 mod 0/1 (decent lmg) lastly I like the fn fal make sure to use the slbr 20-round mags for the sweet 17hp dmg.

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1 minute ago, Dazhy said:

What sort of play style do you enjoy playing? Sniper/Assault Rifle? Etc

Both really, If I'm going to a CP I'll run an assault rifle, if im going for kills I'll use a sniper! Lmk Both load outs

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Most often:

Primary: HK417 "Recce" 14in for sub 1km (With AMS, HALO Suppressor and the isopod for bipod, bc why not :)) ) and M320 LRR for longer. 

Secondary: G18 


Clothing: Exile Woodland or Ghillie

Vest: Normally the OD Green Carrier Special

Backpack: 50l MOLLE 


The main reason for the 417 is, with the MK362 ammo in it, it is a 1 shot sub 900m and only costs 800 pop tabs any other ammo and it is trash though.


Also, don't forget shitloads of duct tape.


Cost = Approximately 9k but that is mainly because I have like 4 grenades and defib, could easily get it to like 6k.

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Depends what I'm intending to do...


Looting: a bit of food and drink, a pistol (preferably an Sa 61), a big backpack, not much else except an extension cord to spawn a quad.


Looting a "busy zone" (like Balota): anything that takes a STANAG, preferably an M4 or Sanitised AR, otherwise see above. It'll be no time until you pick up all the attachments and ammo you need.


Mission: marksman rifle like a Mk1 EMR or an M14, AMS, suppressor. 


Camping: large calibre long-range rifle like a Lynx or M107 and appropriate optics. Lots of food/drink.


Base defence: Shotgun or LMG/SW with low recoil, like a LIM, MXS or SPAR-S

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