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[RUST] - Server Rules

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(Our staff team has the final decision in any ban)



Disrespecting players & staff members

  1.  Disrespecting players, people come to our servers to have fun not to be bullied.
  2.  Never disrespect any staff they help anyone in their own time.


Hacking and player reports

  1.  Hacking will result in a permanent ban.
  2.  If you are reporting a player you must go to the correct reporting section or message an admin if you do not follow this you will be instantly kicked from the server.



  1.  Do not microphone spam or ear rape.
  2.  Do not spam any chat boxes .
  3.  No voice changers.



  1. Harassing any player on any of our servers.
  2.  Leaking or sharing personal information.


Stream sniping 

  1.  Youtubers and streamers must use streamer mode and anything to prevent people from locating them.



  1.  Threatening the server in any way will result in a ban.
  2. Threatening players in any way will result in a ban.


  1.  Glitching in general.
  2.  Throwing melee items through walls.
  3.  Jumping in vents to see through buildings.


Group Limit

  1.  Group limit is 5 players
  2.  You must clear TC/Change all codes/ and must wait a day after they leave to add another person
  3.  No allies


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