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  1. It would be abused on Cherno for people who do radzone a lot, so nope strongly against this, radzone gives high reward for small risk as it is
  2. Common Arma 3 issue, bugged gun sounds, nothing we can do about it 😞
  3. This is the NO UID bug, whenver you notice it relog, none of your gear\stuff will be saved.
  4. If flares are added it will be upped to 100k, we are looking into making the 4x .303 LMG's better, but its still WIP and might not happen.
  5. There are several ways to counter this and most servers allow vehicles to be put on bases. 1: get a little bird or other heli and halo jump onto base and blow the vehicle up. 2: get a MAAWS launcher and shoot the gun of the vehicle it will blow up. 3: get a Lynx\Ksvk\Barret and shoot the gun to disable it. 4: raid the base and hack the flag and team up with others that are tired of the base. 5: get a Blackfish and load a GMG vehicle or similar into it and paradrop it onto the base, both vehicles might blow up but hey accidents happen, and its allowed to ram with ground vehicles 😉 6: get a spitfire and learn to drop bombs accurate with it There are probably more ways to do it, these are just the few i figured out in 5min
  6. Well if it can be made so you can only store and take out certain planes from your base garage at trader it could be a thing question is how much work Sean is gonna need to put in this for only 1 plane at the moment, as far as I know it's only the spitfire that needs this.
  7. as said A LITTLE MORE ARMOR
  8. Because they have a little more armor than normal clothing
  9. They are no more tanky than ghillies or diving suits, also you can shoot out people from a Strider or Ifrit pretty easy with a MP5 so, Arma is broken and will always be, sure they patched the chassies of the cars but not the windows 😛
  10. Haha i remember i played on a server that had that, we was gonna be so tacticool and rappeal from Heli to the ground, BOOOOOM dead...
  11. Pretty sure it is trolling 😛
  12. 4x .303 machineguns, 2x 20mm cannons (DOES NO SPLASH DAMAGE) 1x 500lbs bomb, can rearm Bombs so you get 4x Bombs
  13. should have been a BF109 or a FW190
  14. Bigfoot supposedly spotted Aimbutt_exe once
  15. In Memory of James Best 1926 – 2015
  16. BUT SJÅÅÅÅÅÅN!!!!!
  17. You do know these servers are not free to host, let alone all the work the staff put in to support them, we do not get paid for it either, the money from premium does not go back to the owners of the community either, its get used to buy rights to mods and scripts, like the Car Pack, XP System and The Load Out Trader, none if this stuff is free. And if we decided to open a new map it would take atleast a month to set it all up and get everytthing working and it probably would not be Tanoa due to it requires a DLC that not everyone has.
  18. It takes ALOT of work to setup a new map.
  19. Probably not, just because people would not need a base anymore then.
  20. It is allowed to camp black markets, just not from a base. As for more traders i dont think we will be adding that, most Altis servers has 3 Main Traders and 1-2 Black Markets.
  21. Really feel like that is not needed, we have at Black Market, Boat Traders and Safe Zone
  22. u guys dont know the STRUGGLE of Altis before you have only had a BIKE to spawn and move around on, just saying #BringbackBIKE
  23. Quads are pretty good on Altis, and there is enough spawnpoints so the drive usually is max 3-4km