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  1. He has always been a treehugger with some other people, not gonna mention names because they will just become sad and salty
  2. @Kristian you need this for when you play Farming Simulator
  3. Because they are shit sadly, me and @Sean have been working on some new HMMWV's but nothing is decided yet, so cant say really what will happen with that, but they might be added or they may not. But i have added a note on our todo list so they should be added soon enough, but they are honestly so shit
  4. They are as balanced as i could make them while still looking good, there are a few of them that are better than others, they all have pro's and cons, its not meant to be "playing" gear, its meant to get back to your body and defend yourself gear, seeing as we have really good loot spawns on the servers its easy to spawn go into 2 or 3 buildings and then just loot some stuff there, i could edit the base armor on the loadouts but then they will be OP and it is ALOT of work editing everything and also the modpack would have to be updated, after Bohemia changed something regarding to updating stuff its a BITCH to do.
  5. So we will be adding these turrets to Spawntowns in the future, they will only lock on to Armed Heli's\Planes within 800m of the center of the spawntown marker. THIS IS A JOKE BTW!!!!
  6. CUP and RHS have idiotic rules and wont let us have their mods on our server and there is not really anything else sadly
  7. Igla is CUP, as well. We had to make the stinger ourself actually. As for spitfire rearm at airfields only is a good idea actually, will prob never be used again then prob but
  8. And if it was upto me alone i would have removed all armed heli's or upped the price on them alot
  9. I responded to the URAL and said we have tested the "Tanks" as a replacement for the Ural, i think you need to read again what i wrote, there is no options we have ingame or able to use from workshop sadly. As for Titan AA its more powerfull than Stinger so we cant use that either, its very hard to find a balance between Armed Heli's and AA Weapons, also if we get a cheaper variant, then certain groups\players will just go back to sitting in base and stingering down anything that is in the air.
  10. How am i giving bullshit, i just said it how it was?
  11. There would not be a single building\vehicle left on either server if we had those
  12. And that is exactly the ones we have tried out in the past that are OP as fuck.
  13. JSRS you could never hear spitfires any more than with normal Arma 3 sounds so thats just a poor excuse, also you could not hear the difference between Pawnee\Littlebird.
  14. That Ural is CUP we cannot use that, there are no AA vehicles we can use that is not to OP against infantry, when we had CUP we used to have a Minigun "Tank" where gunner was exposed, and all Arma 3 AA vehicles the gunner sits nice and safe inside and can be abused like shit with the HE ammo, this is why we have stingers.
  15. There are people on the server who can drive around in HMG\GMG vehicles for a long time without getting killed, you just have to play careful with it, this is not a militarized server thats why the balance is what it is, and thermal will never be added. People would just put them on top of a base and use it to spot for someone sniping from the base.
  16. Added link to new version of the unparking software since windows update broke the old program. http://www.coderbag.com/assets/downloads/cpm/currentversion/QuickCpuSetup.zip
  17. Then it will ruin the pvp.
  18. There are no plans for a third server at the moment, Tanoa is a cool map but a lot of people dont have the DLC and cannot play it sadly.
  19. Well i hear of people just sitting in bases\bushes after they get high respect due to they are afraid of dying
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