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  1. A good compromise, as other already said, could be that the ai have only 1 rocket and adjust the price of the rockets (maaws are 3k). Now look like every peasant has a Alamut...
  2. Looks good, hope to see some new vest too
  3. NIce, hope to see it soon
  4. Hi, The skin you have now are ok but it would be nice if you can add something more "tactical" and more variety Just google quickly and found this
  5. Look like the mines don't kill we you walk on it
  6. That's why is when you are in close combat make the difference. The guy at distance will see you with no grass but also you will see him without grass :))
  7. True, but it is with close pvp that the grass make the difference
  8. Fisherman

    Riding solo

    Hope to see you soon
  9. I agree with Mr N3xon, remove it. You can always check the stats in the website
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