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    To much rpg!

    I disagree that vehicles are too easy @Winky, a vehicle is loud and large and to be used effectively requires at least 2 players with decent communication and a fair bit of luck. Especially in the current meta of almost every player having a launcher with a few spare rockets each. I understand that an HMG or GMG shooting at you from 2km away is annoying sure. But all it takes is one rocket and boom, the maaws can shoot at over 1km, its virtually silent has a really fast rocket and an inbuilt rangefinder. But we can agree to disagree due to our different playstyles. Despite all this its only what 10k and the rockets are 3k. I like the balance these rockets bring but i do agree that the alamut being on virtually almost every AI at a Cap point needs some tweaking. Even on stream i have completed a cap point and had a molle got an alamut and 10 rockets from the corpses even if only half of the 9-13 ai had one + a spare in their bag. Perhaps increase the MAAWS and Alamut prices to encourage newer and poorer players to use the rpg7 as a cheaper alternative its a decent launcher that also one hits most vehicles just doesn't have a rangefinder or scope OR change the ai at missions so they all have an rpg7. Newer players would still have a counter but it would be slightly harder to use but they would still have plenty of rockets. Those are my thoughts briefly.