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  1. why would it be a big no no? finding a weapon is fairly easy
  2. I did it 3-4 times and never had issues (altis)
  3. 10-20 minutes before restart isn't really good because people will leave since the restart is coming and the server will be almost empty + there will be almost no pvp.. maybe 15 minutes night every hour
  4. ^ based on that we shouldn't have night in any game ever. Because of people like you we can't have nice things. So what if they ramp up the gamma? You got nightvision
  5. yes I would have a chance.. no one carries a mobile GMG to place on a hill in the open, they're only used on bases. If he was on a hill with a sniper at 1.7km away do you think it would've been as easy for him to kill me? And my complaint shouldn't be aimed at GMG's in general because I only have something against GMG's on top of bases in a safe, unreachable spot camping missions. If he was in a GMG vehicle near me I would have had a chance to take him down with a launcher or sniper
  6. I am new, yes, and i'm also a solo player. What am I supposed to do against armed unreachable vehicles that camp missions? You're only defending this because that guy is part of your group. All your arguments are invalid.. i shouldn't see a base at 1.7km away and think that i'm gonna get killed by a vehicle on top of it.. maybe sniped sure why not. What if I scout and the base seems clear? Then the guy just spawns the vehicle as soon as he sees the notification that someone is capping the point? What if he's not even at the base and comes back just to take out the vehicle and shoot someone at a mission nearby? This is wrong on so many levels
  7. ya.. i'm supposed to scout out 2km of land before capping a point. Of course it's high risk.. people could camp them with weapons outside or snipers at a distance but not GMG vehicles on top of bases like c'mon
  8. well yeah you receive it 24 hours and can set when you receive it but the schedule when you login everyday is messing that up
  9. For example sometimes I can only play in the morning/afternoon but I receive my login reward at night.. so if i can't play at night i'll miss it for that day