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  1. Dazhy

    Fragtage #2

    Bhad Bhabie ofcourse
  2. Dazhy

    Fragtage #2

    You jealous i saw this song live?
  3. You might not of been there but their was a Suv Armed event, we got obliterated within the first few minutes, must of been around 6 cars to.
  4. I remember, the armed SUV's pushing through the takistan map, good days.
  5. Issue is convoys always get destroyed instantly as a group will just be waiting on the road ahead, destroy the vehicles protecting and it will be desync city.
  6. Showing himself ram in safezone, what a savage!
  7. Dazhy

    Base Boy Taric

    Negative 10-4
  8. Dazhy

    What Wat? Part 21

    Stinking baseboi's
  9. Yes Obama the man that only speaks facts and not opinions 🙂
  10. The 5ft 10 Powerhouse Athletic GymLad @Honeybadger @Dexter M
  11. Squeekie is always in his base @Honeybadger