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  1. Highly unlikely we are going to change the spawn system, this is exile not DayZ.
  2. Dazhy

    ARMA 3 Exile SG montage 2

    @OivNice montage my friend
  3. Dazhy

    Now was a good time ARMA

    Good Kill Oiv
  4. DMR - M21 Assault Rifle - ACR Remington 6.8 18 damage
  5. What sort of play style do you enjoy playing? Sniper/Assault Rifle? Etc
  6. Such as? We are always down to hear the communities suggestions, on what they would like to see added/changed. However adding stuff or changing things isn't just going to change overnight.
  7. Dazhy

    Cerins gaming setup

    When he AFK's hours on farming simulator
  8. Dazhy

    What Wat? Part 23

    Winky’s Special
  9. Dazhy

    Kill comp #1

    No thankyou.
  10. Dazhy

    Kill comp #1

    No worries.
  11. Dazhy

    What Wat? Part 23

    That ain't it chief, dancing pigeons... can't beat that.
  12. Dazhy

    Kill comp #1

    Nice Video.
  13. Glad you are enjoying it.
  14. Dazhy

    PAcket base?!?!?

    Whenever a member of staff is available, which is higher admin and above.
  15. Dazhy

    PAcket base?!?!?

    You should know where you want to build probably before you buy it, as said it goes in a crate that despawns after restart unless it’s in a vehicle storage.
  16. Dazhy

    PROJECT C-11

    Good first attempt, looking forward to seeing more edits in the future
  17. @Winky @Jordan' Be careful.
  18. You do it through discord, and you will get a notification through your mobile device.
  19. Thanks to all players that participated in this weeks event. Congratulations to the Week 6 Winners: 1st Place - @Raheem 2nd Place - @Kara 3rd Place - @RUPINGU Due to the low submissions this is the last time this competition will occur, thanks to all players that took part over the previous events.
  20. @LiveJasmingood stuff mate, 1st tune was a banger.
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